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When you need people who can really make a difference to your organization, make The Right Choice. As a small, local firm, we know the community and the talent market. Need some reliable people to help you get through a seasonal crunch? Want to try a candidate on the job to see whether they can perform the work and fit into your team? The Right Choice can act as an extension of your human resources department.

Our customer-first approach and customized programs mean your success always comes first.

The Right Choice can help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve retention
  • Complete projects on time
  • Adapt to changing demand
  • Add flexibility to your workforce


Temporary Staffing.

When you need flexibility in your workforce, hiring talented contract professionals is a positive solution. Not only will you save money, but you’ll plug the gap in your team for now, avoid long-term commitments, and meet your deadlines. The Right Choice will deliver well screened, reliable temporary talent whenever you need help finishing a short- or long-term project, performing seasonal work, covering from maternity leave & LOA’s or just minimizing the gap in your team.


Try one of our employees at your location to evaluate their skills and work ethic before extending a job offer. This ensures every new hire will be a perfect fit.

Direct hire placement.

Save time and money by allowing us to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs. You pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we provide.


Sometimes, you might find great candidates on your own, but you’re not ready to add them to your payroll. Or you want to make certain you both feel they’ve made The Right Choice, that’s where we come in! Our payroll service doesn’t just track time and attendance and issue paychecks. The Right Choice becomes the employer of record covering everything from workers comp to employer taxes.

Certified Typing Certificates.

Certified Typing tests are available by appointment only.  The fee is $ 25.00 which includes two certificates an original and a pdf format version.  Photo ID is required at the time of testing.  To schedule an appointment please call (909) 981-1000.

The Right Choice is a leading staffing agency specializing in administration, distribution, and manufacturing.

Our recruiters will help you hire top talent in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley.

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