Top five resume tips from a recruiter


Have you ever wanted to know what advice a recruiter would give regarding your resume? Here’s your chance to learn our recruiter’s top five resume tips.

Making your resume stand out among a sea of applicants can be a challenge. If you’re actively seeking a job, you likely have a lot of questions about your resume, from deciding what information to include to the best way to format your resume. We asked Michelle Oehring (a.k.a. Moe), Staffing Manager and Recruiter here at The Right Choice, to share her resume advice. She’s sharing insight from the perspective of a recruiter on how to make your resume work for you, not against you. Her tips will help you create a resume that catches the eye of recruiters and land you an interview for the RIGHT job. Read on to learn Moe’s top five resume tips.

As a recruiter, I’m often asked by job seekers if we help with developing their resumes. In this article, I’ve provided some helpful tips for potential job applicants to refer to when creating and updating their resume. Given that The Right Choice works with placing industrial and administrative positions, I wanted to provide tips that could be applied to both types of job applicants. Industrial resumes are often very simplified versus administrative resumes which go much further in-depth. Below, I’ve shared my top five resume tips, along with examples, to make your resume shine.

Moe’s Top Five Resume Tips:

Resume Tip #1: Skills, Skills, Skills!

A resume should leave out the guess work for recruiters and prospective employers. When skills are clearly noted in your resume, it provides a strong understanding of your abilities for the recruiter to fit you to the right job. This is a go-to for recruiters who are reviewing resumes daily, especially when seeking specific skill sets.

To make your resume really pop, emphasize the skills most relevant to the position you’re applying to. Be sure to include both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those that are teachable and measurable, such as proficiency in a foreign language or specific trainings and certifications. For example, The Right Choice often seeks individuals who have machine operating experience and certifications. Soft skills are the traits that make you a great employee, such as communication or time management. For example, The Right Choice often works with companies that put a high value on teamwork.

By identifying these skills on your resume, you make it much easier for recruiters to see why you may be the right person for the job, and that increases your chance of landing the interview.


Industrial Resume Example - Download Template

Click here to download Industrial Resume Template


Resume Tip #2: List Your Education and Training

Whether you’re a high school graduate, have a collection of certifications, or completed trade school, you should always include up-to-date information on your education and training. This is important as many employers have education requirements for their various positions. In addition, many internship opportunities also require an active student status. Meanwhile, entry-level positions often seek individuals with less experience and training. Your resume should make it easy for recruiters to see that you are qualified for the position at a glance.

As a recruiter, I’m looking for the candidates that best fit the requirements for the position we’re hiring for. The Right Choice often has openings for positions ranging from entry-level to mid-level. It is highly important for us to have an accurate understanding of your education and training when hiring for a job. Visit our job board to view our current job openings.


Admin Resume Example - Download Admin Resume Template

Click here to download Admin Resume Template


Resume Tip #3: Make Your Resume Easy-to-Read

In the world of resumes, less really is more. From my perspective as a recruiter, clear and simple resumes that contain meaty content are best. They highlight the points that are most important to the job they are applying to while avoiding any fluff.

Your resume should provide a clear, concise outline of your skills and abilities, in a format that is easy to follow. Try using bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs to highlight your skills. Then, focus on your experience most relevant to the job in which you are applying. This enables recruiters to pick out exactly why you are the best fit for the position.


Professional Resume 1 Example - Download Resume Template

Click here to download Professional Resume Template


Resume Tip #4: Scanner / Fax Friendly

Did you know, many companies still scan and fax resumes? Keeping this in mind, you can make your resume stand out by limiting the use of color and avoiding overly fancy fonts. Although you may think it looks nice, it can make it difficult to read and distract from the content. Instead, use easy-to-read fonts, columns, bullet points, bold headings, and white space to highlight the most important details. This tip goes hand-in-hand with resume tip #3 to make your resume visually easy to navigate. This helps highlight your most important skills and experience for recruiters. You want to make it easy for recruiters to understand your qualifications at a glance, whether your resume is viewed in its original format or after it’s scanned/printed/faxed.


Professional Resume 2 Example - Download Template

Click here to download Professional Resume Template 2


Resume Tip #5: Up-To-Date

I receive a lot of resumes that indicate present employment, sometimes for multiple positions. This causes us to question the accuracy of the resume. Before submitting your resume, always read through it and make sure everything is up to date. Confirm the dates you worked at each job, as well as your current skills, achievements, and training. If currently employed, prepare to answer the question of why you are looking to leave your current position.

Thanks Moe for sharing your resume advice! After applying her resume tips, send your resume to The Right Choice and let us help match you with the right job for you! Submit your resume now:

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